Winterizing Your Home

Winter is coming!

Winterizing Your Home Des Moines IowaCan you believe it’s almost winter already? It seems as if time slows down around July or August and we find ourselves enjoying the summer and forgetting about taking care of our homes. Then suddenly time speeds up in September and BAMM!

Winter is here.

Winterizing Your Home Des Moines IowaThat can mean trouble living in Iowa because we can experience such a wide variety of winter temperatures and conditions even early on in the season.

Our team here at deWit Construction & Remodeling would like to help you get your home ready for winter by making sure it’s ready to protect you and your family from this winter’s frigid temperatures and raging winds.

We can also help you save money on your energy bill so let’s begin winterizing your home on the outside!

Winterize Your Home on the Outside


Unclutter Your Gutter! Des Moines IowaOne of the most important areas on the outside of your home you should pay attention to are your gutters. Having clean gutters not only improves the appearance of your home, but goes a long way towards protecting your house from ice buildup during the harsh winter.

Making sure your gutters are free of leaves and other debris will allow the water (melting snow and ice) to flow freely away from your roof, which prevents ice and snow from building up and causing leakage. Ice buildup on your roof is called an ice dam and forces water up under your shingles into your home.

Faucets and Garden Hoses

It’s easy to forget about that garden hose you have been using all summer and leave it hanging out on the faucet. Now is the time to make sure it’s unhooked from the outside faucet and put it away!

Winterizing Your Home Des Moines IowaMake sure you have fully drained the hose before storing it away for the winter… that will prevent it from freezing and possibly splitting open during those frigid temperatures. Also, if you have any faucets or pipes that are exposed to the outside you will want to cover and insulate them as well.

And by all means... don't forget your driveway!

Winterize Your Home on the Inside

Cover Your Windows

It may not look very appealing, but covering your windows with plastic will not only help keep the cold out of your house, but it will also save you money on your energy bill… and who doesn’t like to save money wherever they can!

Check Your Furnace

Before winter sets in we highly recommend having a professional come out and check your furnace. You would hate for the temperature to take a deep plunge and find out your furnace doesn’t work. The sooner you change out your furnace filter and have it checked the better!Winterizing Your Home Des Moines Iowa

Have Your Chimney Cleaned Out

If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove you must have your chimney or stove pipe cleaned out. One of the main causes of fires during the winter is from a dirty chimney. Chimneys and vent pipes build up soot, dust, and creosote creating a dangerous situation when using your fireplace or stove.

Insulate Your Basement

Does anyone like waking up and walking on cold floors? Nobody does right? A simple fix to that problem is insulating your basement cement walls. Warm up your floors and save some money on that next energy bill!

Winterizing Your Home Des Moines IowaWhile we are on the topic of basements, please make sure you shut off water to exterior faucets exposed to the cold, and make sure you insulate any pipes not warmed by the interior of your home. The last thing you want happening this January is your pipes freezing or even worse, having them explode and flooding your basement.

What We Can Do

With all this in mind, we have created a checklist entitled “10 Items That Need Winterized”. We highly recommend you print off this list and walk through your home checking and correcting these often neglected items.

10 Items That Need Winterized

deWit Construction & Remodeling provides many services that can aid you in preparing your home for the cold onslaught of winter. We offer everything from energy efficient window and door replacement to full basement remodeling. If you live in the Des Moines, Iowa area and would like a free consultation on any home improvements, additions, or repairs… give us a call or contact us here.


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