Ready or Not Here Comes…

Ready or Not Here Comes...

That’s right, no matter if you are ready or not the weather changes year after year, season after season. Fall officially began just over a month ago and that next season is just around the corner. That’s right, winter is less than two months away!

We have already posted on how to winterize your home and created an info graphic entitled “10 Items That Need Winterized”, so today we want to go over some fall projects you should take care of around your home in preparation for that cooler weather to come.

Rake up those leaves!

Who doesn’t love watching the colorful leaves blow in the wind and flutter about in your yard? You can enjoy the beauty of those changing leaves and even let the kids play in them but, you eventually need to rake them up. That may not seem like a fun task, but if there are too many leaves in your yard when the snow flies our grass may have trouble growing back next spring.

Make raking up the leaves a family event! If you have children, let them help you make piles and stuff the leaves into bags... they will love it!

Make repairs

Now is the time to make exterior home repairs before those freezing temps creep in! Walk around your home and property looking for anything that needs fixing. Make sure you pay close attention to your siding, foundation, roof, doors, and especially your windows.

Along with the repairs, make sure to fill any holes or gaps in your home that would allow anything in. Keep in mind that tiny little mice will be looking for places to get warm and you don’t want them getting in to your home, garage, or even a storage shed.

Shut off exterior faucets

Okay it might be just a few weeks too early for this task because you may need your hose/faucets for a few jobs around the home but, be mindful of sudden changes in weather. If it seems like the temperature will be dipping down too low then you will want to get those faucets shut off and hoses put away before freezing temperatures hit. It also might be a good idea to add insulated covers to those exterior faucets.

Clean gutters

We mentioned cleaning gutters in this post but, we want to add another reminder because of how important it is. Make sure you clear the gutters on your home of any dirt, debris, and leaves. You want rain and snow (water) to be able to move freely through your gutter systems and away from your home to help protect your roof and siding. Let’s be honest, your home always looks better with clean gutters!

Stock up on winter supplies

Waiting until winter to stock up is never a good idea. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove, you need to make sure you have plenty of wood ready to burn! Here are just a few more items you will want to make sure you have on hand:

  • Shovels & ice scrapers
  • Fuel & lubricant for snow blower (now is the time to make sure it runs properly)
  • Salt & ice melt (check out what we recommend you use to deice your concrete)

These are just a few items that are good to have a stockpiled before winter comes around.

We can help

Our team here at deWit Construction & Remodeling offer many services that include siding, door, and window repairs/replacement. If your home is ready and secure for winter and you are looking to have a room remodeled this season, then we can help with that as well! Call us today to set up an appointment.

Have fun preparing your home for the cooler weather... and remember, make it a family event!

8 Steps to Clean Gutters Infographic

8 Steps to Clean Gutters Infographic

To help keep your gutter cleaning adventure safe and accident free, we are including “8 Steps to Clean Gutters” info graphic to download and share with friends and family. This info graphic will help prevent making any mistakes that might ruin your gutter cleaning project. Please share a comment with us below about your experience with any fall projects.

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