Creating the Backyard of Your Dreams

Warmer weather is on its way and where do you want to spend your time this summer? You probably don’t want to spend the days wasting away in the basement of your home while there is fresh air and a warm sun shining outside! So this is the perfect time to begin thinking about creating the backyard of your dreams!

A Concrete Patio!

A great way to make your backyard comfy, cozy and practical for everyday use this summer begins with a well-designed concrete patio. Many people take time to plan and setup the inside of their homes to achieve that perfect balance of cozy and practicality, but forget all about their backyard!

If you want to entertain and have fun barbeques this summer, then let’s take a look at some things to consider when you are thinking about adding a new concrete patio to your backyard.

Last month we posted about the differences between a deck and a concrete patio and how they stack up against each other. This month we would like to focus a little more on the concrete patio, but our team here at deWit Construction & Remodeling can build either the deck or patio of your dreams.

Patio Walkways

First think about how you want the flow from your yard to your patio to move. There are some really excellent and even fun cement walkways that can lead your guests to the patio. You can get really creative with cement and your only limitation is your imagination!

Options for the walkways range from poured concrete to pavers and more. Concrete is quickly becoming the material most homeowners are choosing because of the wide variety of decorative stains, colorings, and molds that are available. Call us and we can help sort out all those options and which works best for you.

Outdoor Kitchen

Today no concrete patio area is complete without a cooking station or otherwise known as the outdoor kitchen. A cooking station on your patio can be very handy for those summertime cookouts and entertaining guests. It is very convenient to have everything there on the patio so you don’t have to keep running inside the house and leaving the fun outside!

Lawn Care

If you plan on spending any sort of time out in your yard this summer, then we highly recommend giving the yard your fullest attention as well. The perfect accent to a beautiful concrete patio is a lush green lawn. While your guests are waiting for the food to cook is the perfect time to enjoy some relaxing and fun yard games like Bocce Ball, Bean Bag Toss, or Horseshoes.

Don’t ruin your party on the patio with a backyard full of dead grass, twigs and garbage! Make sure you rake up your yard so it is free of any sticks and be sure to pick up any garbage that might have blown in from the neighbors. Throughout the summer keep your yard fertilized and use weed killer as necessary. Also, make sure your grass is getting plenty of hydration, especially if it has hasn’t rained in a while.

Now that we have the yard ready to go, let’s decorate the patio!

Patio Decorating

When decorating, the best way to start is by choosing a color scheme and theme you would like to use. Once that is settled it becomes easier to choose everything you need to complete the overall look you are aiming for. Check out this great patio decorating info-graphic courtesy of

Info Graphic Courtesy of

When thinking about furniture, choose a nice solid patio set that will last for years to come. It might be a little pricier up front, but in the end durability and comfort will prove to be worth it!

When deciding what you want to include on your concrete patio, think about the benefits of a good fire pit. There are at least 4 types and a number of different styles to choose from. The 4 types are:

  • Wood Burning
  • Propane
  • Natural Gas
  • Gel Fuel

Styles include pits, grills, and fireplaces. You can finish off your patio decorating with some fun lighting and lots of pillows.

Concrete Projects

Our team at deWit Construction and Remodeling can help you design and build the backyard of your dreams; one that is perfect for you and your family’s needs. If you are in the Des Moines Iowa area and have a concrete patio project or any other concrete project in mind contact us today!
Be sure to leave your comments or questions down below and here’s is to a wonderful summer of barbeques and spending time with friends and family!

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