Case Study: Rangemasters Training Center

Case Study: Rangemasters Training Center Construction Project

There is nothing more important for a company to focus on than providing the type of service their customers expect and deserve. To provide that kind of service, a “brick and mortar” business needs a facility equipped and designed to best serve their customers. The Rangemasters Training Center (RTC) serves as an example for a storefront designed and built from the ground up to provide the best customer service possible.

The RTC is a growing partnership composed of two central Iowa family owned businesses. Two local firearm dealers have joined forces to provide a unique and the first-of-its-kind indoor shooting range and firearm training, sales, and service facility here in the Des Moines metro area.

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With a growing range of customers, the RTC is expanding and becoming the premier full service firearms dealer in Iowa. The RTC’s 16 highly skilled and experienced employees are providing unmatched service for their customers.

With the massive growth the RTC had been experiencing in the last few years the lack of an indoor range and classroom space was hindering their ability to meet the needs of their customers. There were no local facilities meeting the requirements of a top notch and modern indoor range coupled with a sales floor, service area and classroom space, at least not one available without some serious renovation.

“Opening the classiest gun store and shooting range in central Iowa was at the top of our list,” said Dave Mosier, President of the RTC. “Having an indoor range and training center was the primary reason for our desire to find a new location.”

After finding a general contractor to manage the remodel of a nearby building, the RTC was well on their way to having the type of facility they were looking for. It wasn’t long after beginning the project however, when Dave began experiencing problems with the contractor.

“We chose a contractor we had worked with before, but almost a year into the project and the work was just not getting done” explained Dave. “I had to take matters into my own hands.”

Commercial Construction Contractor: deWit Construction & Remodeling

That’s when the RTC contacted Neil deWit at deWit Construction & Remodeling. “Neil was a subcontractor on the project and his company did the demo work of the original building,” said Dave. “I had Neil bid other parts of the project and after giving him 50% of it I decided to ask him to manage the whole thing.”

“We took over the RTC project 4 days prior to its scheduled start date and there were a lot of variables and things that had not been accounted for by the previous contractor,” said Neil deWit, Owner of deWit Construction & Remodeling. “It was a unique challenge to gather all the needed information and get the specialty items ordered that required significant lead times.”

deWit Construction & Remodeling was able to minimize the budget and schedule over-runs created by the previous contractor by being proactive and finding solutions before small problems became big ones.

Commercial Steel & Concrete Construction Project

“The steel needed for the project hadn’t been ordered early on and when Neil found out, he had the order expedited so there was little to no impact on the project,” explained Dave.

deWit Construction & Remodeling has been in the business since 2009 and has a proven team of dedicated remodeling and construction experts.

deWit Construction & Remodeling Crew

“Being able to do things internally with our own experienced employees provides us a lot of control and flexibility to get things done,” explained Neil. “We own the various equipment needed like skid loaders, scissor lifts, concrete saws and an 8,000 lb. forklift. That plays a big factor in the project’s success.”

The deWit team offers assurance, communication and proficiency that comes with a competent and trusted contractor.

“Neil was available and a very hands on kind of guy,” stated Dave. “He kept an eye on the project and I only had to ask for things once and they were immediately taken care of.”

Dave also stated the most important things that impressed him about deWit Construction & Remodeling was their speed, price, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile.

“Through common sense and years of experience we were able to save the RTC a considerable amount of money on the overall project,” said Neil.

Completed Range for Rangemasters Training Center by deWit Construction & Remodeling

Because the RTC chose deWit Construction & Remodeling to manage their project, they now have a state of the art facility designed and built by the industries best.

The new 18,000 square foot facility includes:

  • Fourteen 25-yard indoor shooting lanes
  • Automated target retrieval system
  • Safe, heated and well ventilated range
  • 4000 sq. ft. pro shop
  • Classrooms and service area

Dave Mosier (left) & Royal Nahno-Kerchee (right)

The RTC held their grand opening on March 26, 2016 and celebrated the successful partnership with deWit Construction & Remodeling and the completion of their new facility.

“We couldn’t be happier with the new facility,” explained Dave. “I would recommend deWit Construction & Remodeling 100%.”


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