Are Sunrooms Really Worth the Cost?

New Custom Energy Efficient Sunroom AdditionSince you're reading this you are probably trying to make a decision about whether or not to add a sunroom addition to your home. Deep down inside you know you want a beautiful new sunroom, but… you may not be ready to make that leap and call a contractor because you’re not sure if it will really be worth the cost.

I’m glad you’re here.

Our team at deWit Construction and Remodeling, have come up with a number of reasons why a new sunroom is a worthy investment for your home, family, and peace of mind.

All of these reasons for a new sunroom addition can be placed into three categories. Each one of them are illustrated here in this free sunroom infographic for you to download and share.

Top Ten Reasons To Have A Sunroom

Financial Reasons for a New Sunroom

Just like every other home improvement project, you need money to build a sunroom addition. Don’t let that scare you away because sunrooms are a gift that just keep on giving! Not only will a sunroom give you a low-maintenance way to add additional space, but it also adds value to your home.

By using energy efficient materials and practices, your new sunroom can provide natural light and heat from the sun and maybe even whittle away at your energy bill! Who wouldn’t want to have a new home addition with so many benefits?

Family Reasons for a New Sunroom

Not only will a sunroom addition enable you to relax and enjoy some much needed downtime on your own, but you can enjoy that quality time in your new sunroom with your entire family! We all get caught up in busy schedules and routines so much that we lose track of spending time with the very people who should mean the most to us. Having a sunroom gives you a cozy place where you can catch up and relax with your family and loved ones.

Today, everyone understands the less stress you have in your life the healthier you will be. deWit Construction and Remodeling can add a sunroom addition to your home giving you the perfect getaway spot to de-stress!

Fun Reasons for a New Sunroom

We all enjoy having a little fun. Adding an energy efficient sunroom to your home can give you just that. Having this extra space can give you more room to host parties and family get-togethers! Also, you don’t ever have to worry about your event being cancelled because of rain, snow, or extreme heat!

Who doesn’t enjoy having a picnic in view of the garden or flower bed? Sometimes along with that view come ants, mosquitos and other pesky bugs. With a sunroom you can enjoy that picnic or lunch now in full view of your beautiful garden without the buzzing and biting insects.


Sunrooms are a budget-friendly way to enjoy time with your family and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home all year long! Adding value to your home is also a great reason to pick up the phone and contact deWit Construction & Remodeling for a free quote on building a new sunroom addition for your home.

The verdict is in and the votes have been tallied, sunrooms are worth the cost!


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