Des Moines Barn Doors

Des Moines Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors Des Moines Iowa Area

Barn doors aren't just for the farm!

If you haven't heard about adding a sliding barn door to your home by now, you soon will. The trend is continuing to increase in popularity and because of that we have added additional styles and designs to the many barn-style doors we already provide.

Every sliding barn door we produce is hand crafted and custom built from either reclaimed barn wood or a select species of wood you choose. Each and every door we design, build, and install is going to make a statement and enhance the look of your home. Adding one of our crafted barn doors is like adding a piece of art to the room.

Each piece of wood is chosen because of its warm natural characteristics to include any imperfections and knots to create that traditional rustic look which is so appealing. We apply stain to the doors by hand and can use a number of colors and tones to match any style you want. If you prefer, we can also paint the door any color you like.

Sliding Barn Door Styles

Some of the more popular styles of barn doors are:

Des Moines Barn Door Styles

There are a number of hardware styles and finish options available to choose from to create a unique look for any barn door project you might have in mind.

Whatever the setting, whether its a commercial or residential project, we can design and build the perfect sliding barn door for your home or business in the Des Moines or Central Iowa area. When you are ready for a free consultation contact us and we can schedule a time to meet with you and help you decide what would work best for your sliding barn door project.

Barn Door Opening Diagram

We have included a diagram below to help you determine the important measurements needed for your new bar door.

Sliding Barn Door Measurements